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Thibaud Taillant, Wendigo Asia production

Industry / 1 min / 2015

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Resume :

Our work approach for this type of film is to understand precisely the type of industry of our clients, their marketing strategy and target group in order to present an expert project concept, a visual presentation of complex issues on paper.
Only then will it hold the interest of the viewer even though the content may be somewhat technical.

That is the reason why we take the same approach than for a feature film with a carefully written script, artful direction of the film and skillful directing and editing techniques. We also compose original music in order to be as close as possible to the pace of narration and offer a motion graphic design service that will lead to enhance the existing graphic displays of our customers.
Wendigo has already cataloged a wide range of prestigious clients such as Freyssinet, Veritas, Sharp and many others.